Felix Graduate Greeting Card

Good afternoon!

Today I have released the Felix Graduation greeting card. Felix is celebrating with a mortar cap, a school in the background along with a diploma. All these items are attached to a blank sheet of school paper. Inside there is a red feather representing Felix's red butt feather of greY strength. This is a unique 3D greeting card. Felix Graduation card would certainly bring a laugh to the graduate. I promise there is not another celebration card like this.

Daisy, my St. Bernard, and I celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday. I am so fortunate she has made it this far in her life. See she was born with bilateral hip dysplasia. As she has gotten older the hip dysplasia has gotten worse. She also has arthritis in her back. However, she's taking her medicine along with Holistapet CBD. The CBD seems to help her the most. I am so thankful for all the years we have been best friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daisy!!!