Felix welcomes Spring 2022 with his new greeting card. The outside has his fabulous photo raised above the other elements on the card. There is a milk can full of Spring flowers. Raindrops fall from the blue stormy clouds. They are shiny three dimensional. A colorful umbrella protects Felix from the rain. The inside has a special greeting from Felix to all attached to green blank paper for writing your special message.  Additionally the inside has the red butt feather of Grey Strength. Something we all can use. This is a beautiful 3D card. It will make a great gift and surprise to a very special friend. Or a gift to yourself.


A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Oasis Sanctuary. Please help support this rescue with the purchase of your Felix Valentine's greeting card. Your purchase makes a difference.


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Due to each item being hand crafted there may be a sight difference in each product than what appears on the screen. There may be modest imperfections as well. This is what makes each product unique and one of a kind. Always quality is my number one top priority.


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Felix 2022 Spring Greeting Card

SKU: FGC1010