Felix is celebrating Valentine's Day with his 2022 greeting card. Outside are warm greetings from both you and him. There is a Valentine box filled with Fee's favorite low blood sugars snack. Which we all know are pistachios. There is white decorated cut 25% cotton paper inside for you to write your special greeting. Felix includes a representation of his red tail feather to give you greYt strength in order to help you with the confused. Something we all can certainly use. The card measures 5x7 inches and comes with an envelope ready for mailing. Card can be mailed directly to your family and friends with a special note from you typeset in a beautiful font inside. Use the contact form below for more information.


A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Oasis Sanctuary. Please help support this rescue with the purchase of your Felix Valentine's greeting card. Your purchase makes a difference.


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Due to each item being hand crafted there may be a sight difference in each product than what appears on the screen. There may be modest imperfections as well. This is what makes each product unique and one of a kind. Always quality is my number one top priority.


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Felix 2022 Valentines Greeting Card

SKU: FGC1008