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Happy January 12

Snow. More snow. Blizzard. Yes that's what is going on outside. I am thankful I have a nice warm house. Only in case of an emergency would I have to get out. We are in a blizzard. A grey and cold blizzard with visibility not so good. Welcome Winter. You will not defeat me.

I am currently working on my web store. Making small changes that will lead to a better overall experience for my customers. I started this business 4 years ago. I felt comfortable creating a web store. I used all the same background for each item. That background has served its purposed. I feel it was a great way to learn. Anyone who has built a website knows it is quite the challenge. It takes a lot of time and energy. In the end it gave me a sense of accomplishment. But now I am taking the next step in making my store a more pleasant experience with colorful backgrounds of every product. Each product category has it's own unique background. I am not completely finished but will be. So check back soon.

I want to remind my customers that on your first order of $30 or more you can receive a 10% discount by entering the code Spend30Get10! when you check out. I want to assure your information will only be used for payment purposes. I cannot see your credit/debit card information. Also this information is not stored in my store. However be sure to enter your email. This is important as well in the off chance I need to contact you about your purchase. All this allows you a personal experience without the worry of your information used for spamming purposes or other negative experiences. I want to thank you in advance for your order. Please share Snowy Owl Emporium with your family and friends.

Stay warm.


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