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Updating Snowy Owl Emporium

Hello all! Happy New Year!!! I have been rather absent the last several months. I had a total knee replacement August 28. Home the next day. Then the day after that I started physical therapy. WoW! Insurance wants nothing to do with your staying longer than more than a day after surgery. After I started physical therapy I noticed my leg and knee were hot, tender and red. I talked to doctors, the physical therapist and even went to the ER twice. All told me the same thing. This is normal after a total knee replacement. Seriously? It had gotten so bad that there was drainage running down my leg. So to make a long story short I had an infection. Where I got it is a mystery. I was told I could have even picked it up in the operating room. The one place that is supposed to be sterile. Now I have gone through a second surgery and a couple of months of pt. This journey was definitely a rough one. My family stepped in to continue operating Snowy Owl Emporium. For that I am truly grateful.

In addition to making a few new products I have decided to undertake on a huge endeavor. I created this e-commerce store four years ago. This was a challenge but one I knew I wanted to take on. I feel the original photos of products served me well for a beginner. I have grown since the beginning. However the time has come to revamp. I am working on making my photographs with backgrounds that I believe match the products. This is a challenge as I do offer many products. My two granddaughters also have items for sale. The oldest has jewelry while the youngest has painted rocks. I share all this because of the timeline it will take me to finish. Yet to me it is totally worthwhile to better showcase all my inventory.

I offer you to take a journey through Snowy Owl Emporium. Please support cottage businesses. Not just at my web store but others as well. Our merchandise is made with love and care. I will dare to say each of our items are much better quality than many mass produced items.

Thank you for your support not just last year but the last few years. I am now on TikTok showcasing various products. Posts also include photos of my life outside of Snowy Owl Emporium. Please give me a like if inclined to do so and of course following me will be greatly appreciated.

Because of you, the customer, I have been able to achieve my dream of being self-sufficient in doing something that I really love


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