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Celebrate Father's Day

Father's Day is only 11 days away. Help celebrate by sending your Father a Felix SaturDADday greeting card. One of a kind, unique, specially made with quality materials. Felix LaFollett is a African Grey who lives in Florida. An extraordinary Congo African Grey. He fights the confused which is us humans. Basically we do not understand the magnitude animals play in our lives. Felix does.

So what is SaturDADday to Felix? It is the day of the week, every Saturday in fact, that his Dad makes him pancakes. Felix decided for the ultimate Father's day gift he would make his Dad pancakes. He adorns his Dad's cooking apron which has a whisk, a cooking spatula, an oven mitt as well as salt and pepper shakers in the pockets. Everything a parrot will need to make the special pancakes for a special Dad. Even though Father's Day is on a Sunday, to Felix it is still SaturDADday.

You can find Felix's SaturDADday greeting card here in my web store under Felix Greet's on the main menu. For every Felix Greet's card sold a portion is given to The Oasis Sanctuary. A forever home for abused and neglected parrots of all species. Also parrots whose parents have passed away leaving them in a caring, loving and safe place.

As always you can use the Snowy Savings of spend $30, save 10% by using the code Spend30Get10! at checkout. Don't forget shipping is free no matter how many items you buy.

Even though Father's Day is so close there is still time to order Felix's SaturDADday card. I can even write your sentiment inside the card and mail it for you. I've done that with several customers in the past. This is a special day that every Father should have a Happy SaturDADday greeting card. I wish my Father was alive for me to send him one. To all the Father's out there Happy SaturDADday!

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