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Enjoying Summer!

It's been a while since I've made cards. Been busy rearranging my work space. More importantly spending a lot of outdoor time with my granddaughters. We've finally got the pool put up. Oh boy, has it been a big relief on these hot humid days. Also been tending to our garden. Big Boy tomatoes are growing well with lots of green tomatoes. Patio tomatoes are growing the best. My peppers are doing so so. But my granddaughters hot, very hot, peppers have taken off like crazy.

One of my Aunt's and I have the same birth date. I made her this card. First time I mixed patterns. I like thing's that match. For lack of a better word. So this is definitely outside of my comfort zone. But I really like the result. I feel like I can mix patterns while still producing beautiful results. I opened the card up to show the front and back. What do you all think?

I still may be spending outdoors more than indoors. I have another area to work on to plant perennials. Kind of late. Yet I believe if they take root this year they grow next year. Worth a try.

So, here's to all of you having a wonderful and fun summer!

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