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Felix Greets Spring Card

I have completed Felix's Spring greeting card. of 2022. I have been told this is my best one yet. I am excited to be able to bring his card to you. An umbrella with glitter protects Felix from the elements of Spring like the many rain showers we get around here. At times it feels like tropical weather. There are also 3D raindrops coming from blue storm clouds. Felix himself is raised adding more to the 3D effect. A milk can full of flowers adorns this most unique card. I will make a donation to The Oasis Parrot Sanctuary located in Arizona from part of the proceeds with the sale of every card.

I'm very excited about the new cardstock I purchased recently. This cardstock is slightly heavier. Which is great for making Felix Greets greeting cards. I have always prided myself on having quality products from quality materials. The new heavier cards add one more touch of the high standards I set for my hand crafted greeting cards. I'm very proud of my work. I know you will like this card as well as the many others I have created.

All of Felix Greets greeting cards make a wonderful surprise to the recipients of his cards. Loving Felix is priceless. His personality shines through. FlockCall was designed by Kathy LaFollett. If you are on Facebook be sure to look her up. Especially if you have companion parrots. Felix and Kathy offer a new perspective on sharing lives with feathery kiddos. Even if you are not owned by a companion parrot the principals Kathy presents can be applied to other animal companions. We share this earth with so much more than ourselves. Kathy is a great advocate for teaching us how to live cohesively with all animals. The practices, ideas, facts she shares can be applied to any animal wild or tame.

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