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Felix Halloween Greeting Card brings you the latest FelixGreets greeting card. A cute Felix Halloween Greeting Card. Fee has decided to dress up as a mummy this year. He is wrapped in decorative cloth. There are three flying bats, one scary tree, a black cat walking on a wrought iron fence. Three pumpkins round out this one of a kind greeting card. Card measures 5" x 7". An envelope will come with it. Inside you can see a representation of Felix's butt feather. Which he is very proud to display. The inside also includes an orange decorative cut paper inside to write your special message.

This greeting card is a part of a collection. FelixGreets is copyrighted and licensed by Kathy LaFollett. Felix is an extraordinary African Grey. He travels on many a journey. He is extremely opinionated which turns out to be a good thing. To find FelixGreets return to the home page, use the pulldown menu. You will find all of FelixGreets from the past year with a few from last year that are still very popular.

A portion of FelixGreets greeting cards is donated to The Oasis Sanctuary. Also too don't forget about the 10% discount on orders of $30 or more using the code Spend30Get10! at check out. There is more to this web store than just greeting cards. You will find jewelry by me as well as Jewelry by Linnea. She one of my very talented granddaughters. My other granddaughter creates art on rocks for sale. Please support their hard work by purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry as well as a unique one of a kind rock.

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