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Felix LaFollett's New Card

Today I am excited to be adding a new card to my collections. Felix LaFollett makes his debut in the greeting card world with this beautiful card. Like all my greeting cards this one is completely handmade. I believe there are at least 30 pieces. Well, that's when I lost count. Lol!

Felix's portrait hangs above a beautiful timely wood burning fireplace. There is a warm, glowing fire just waiting for Santa to arrive. Felix is singing one of his very favorite Christmas carols. The stockings are hung, the candles and a green ribbon with a red bow all add to the overall charm of this greeting card.

Please forgive the angle the card is sitting. It was not quite flat when I took the photo. I'm just so incredibly happy I wanted to get this up tonight. I hope all the bird lovers, especially the ones who follow Felix, will be happy to purchase one if not just for themselves but a few friends as well. Enjoy!

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