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Felix St. Patrick Day Greeting Card

Felix LaFollett's St. Patrick Day greeting card is now available for sale. You can find it under the Felix Greet's category. Cost is $10 with free shipping. Part of the proceeds will go to a parrot sanctuary to be announced at a later date. I have two that I really admire for their work and their dedication. I will most likely split the donation between the two. That will be at the end of the year, beginning of next year when all the sales from every card is counted.

I very much appreciate your business. For without you my customers I would not be able to sell Felix's cards therefore able to make a donation to the two parrot sanctuaries. Why do I donate to parrot rescues and sanctuaries? There are so many birds that are neglected, not wanted anymore, to hard to handle, owners have passed on and so many other reasons. Sadly many people had to give up their parrot(s) due to COVID 19. Parrots are expensive pets to have. Please I urge everyone who thinks they want a parrot to get well educated before opening your home. Parrots are not the like ones you see on television. They are so much more than that. Of course there are many more pluses for having a parrot companion than there is minuses. But they are not for everyone.

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