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Felix Valentine's Card is here

Felix LaFollett's Valentine's Day card is now available in his Felix Greets collection. You can find his collection under the Shop pull down menu. Then simply click on Felix Greets. There you will find not only his Valentine's card but his past cards. I want to point out Felix's entire collection is available for sale. So if you missed one, they are still available for order. Also want to reiterate that a percentage of the sales from his collection is donated to the Oasis Sanctuary in Arizona. They do absolutely marvelous rescue work.

Felix's card is 5x7 inches and comes with an envelope. I chuckle when I add that it comes with an envelope. Interesting enough believe it or not some places on the web selling cards do not include the envelope. What's up with that? How do you mail a card without an envelope?

Anytheway, Felix's card has a decorative cut 25% cotton paper inside for you to write your personal message. Also inside is a replica of his tail feather to give you GreYt Strength which we can all use against the confused.

I was asked if I could send a card directly to a recipient of the buyer. She would provide the words of her message to go inside. I agreed to do this. I found the perfect font to type the specific message "signed" by her electronically. The recipient was delighted to receive it. I will do this for anyone. Just contact me through the contact form. This is a free service I provide.

I hope you will take a moment to look at the custom cards I have made for different people. I have one I need to make to send to a dear friend who just this morning lost her blue and gold macaw parrot. I will work with you to make your custom greeting card exactly as you want it. A big plus with the 5x7 inch cards I make is they can be easily framed.

I wish each and everyone who visits my online store a loving and safe Valentine's Day!

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