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Four New Cards Added Today

Today I added four new greeting cards to

Head over to check them out. They're located on the Greetings Cards collection as well as the Animal collection.

The thing about these cards are the daintiest of part's. One card may have 27 individual pieces while another card will have 36 individual pieces. All the teeniest parts I have to use tweezers for. They are that very teeny.

Once you're in the website, remember Veterans day is November 11th. The day will be here shortly. Check out my Military greetings cards. Think of someone who has served or currently serving that would love a card knowing that their military service was or still is worthy!

I plan on sending a few to the veterans home. I don't know anyone there but want them to know they are important. They protected our freedom. So I'm signing several, sending them to the admin and asked they be given to just the right people. They'll know who they are.

In this horrible year let's make a veteran be our shining light!

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