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Good August morning!

I have been away for a while. Creating new products, vacation, downsizing my house and more. I have added three new greeting cards the last couple of days. Two are of flamingos while the other one is alluring butterflies among pink flowers. All are beautiful.

I was in a store a few weeks ago. I just happened to walk down the greeting card aisles. I decided to check the prices on Hallmark's cards. I found my prices are comparable to this name brand corporation. I studied several cards. What makes my cards different than those of the Hallmark brand? The very first thing is my cards are hand crafted with lots of love put into each and everyone of them. Second my cards are heavier. In other words my cards are made with a quality card base. One that is not easily bendable or tears with no effort. Now don't get me wrong. The higher priced Hallmark cards are very nicely made. It's just that my card base is stronger than theirs in comparison.

Another difference is my cards are unique. I use different techniques when creating my cards. I make them with watercolors, inks, acrylic paint and more. I also use paper that is of high quality. In other words my cards are not mass produced. They are made individually. I pay close attention to details. I can't with a clear conscience send out a card that is not made to my expectations. Maybe that's a downfall. Yet, it is who I am. Many people throughout my life have praised me for this character trait I have. I am proud of what I create.

Hallmark is a good company. They have been associated with greeting cards for years and years. They can mass produce hundreds to my one. I feel if you are wanting to send a unique greeting card then buy from a small handcrafted card. Support small business where you can. You can make a difference in an artisans life.

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