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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Today is finally sunny. A little on the chilly side still. But hey, sunshine. Something we've had a hard time seeing this past month. There have been more cloudy, chilly days than there have been sunshiny days. Alas, we are getting into Spring. Almost a month late though.

Today I will be putting new pieces of Jewelry by Linnea. She has made several new pieces. There are several macrame bracelets. Some with beads or charms. Linnea has added a few unique, one of a kind items. Please check out her collection. All purchases from her jewelry go directly to her. Free shipping is included with all of Linnea's sales. Additionally, the Snowy Owl Savings of 10% discount on orders over $30 apply to any purchase. Use the special code upon checkout.

My St. Bernard, Daisy, will be 11 this coming Thursday. The remarkable thing about her is her age. She was born with bilateral hip dysplasia. Her life expectancy was only to be 2 months to two years. I will be cooking her a special birthday dinner. Also, I have done bone cookie cutters so I'll bake her a pan full of treats. I have been truly blessed with such a great companion. I thank St. Francis for bringing her into my life.

Graduations are getting near. I'd like to remind everyone I make custom cards. Do you want a special, unique, one of a kind graduation announcement? How about a card to congratulate the graduate? These cards are very personal as they are made directly for you. Together we can celebrate all levels of graduation from kindergarten to college and all that's in between. Use the contact form for more information. Below is a custom greeting card I made of a customer's Blue&Gold Macaw parrot.

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