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Happy Easter 2021

Woke up to a beautiful Easter day. The weather is perfect for all things Easter. I remember a few Easter's in the past where there was still snow on the ground. Ugh! So glad that is not the case this year. Soon my granddaughters will be out hunting Easter eggs in the backyard where their dad has hidden them. I must say I don't see half the places he does. Well hidden.

There is very sad news in the parrot world. Foster Parrots, Ltd. and The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary suffered a massive disaster on April 1st. One of their buildings had a deadly fire. 80-100 beloved birds and animals. They must rebuild the building at this point. It's not just parrots they lost but other exotic animals. We all know what fire can do. Fire destroys. Fire kills. I ask everyone who can spare even a small amount to contribute to their building fund for them to continue their mission of rescuing and saving abused, neglected and unwanted companion animals. They are a 501c and will gladly provide a receipt of your tax deductible contribution. This is their website.

On a lighter note. You may know I have a partnership with Kathy LaFollett and Felix, a Congo African Grey parrot. Felix is as Kathy states, " extraordinary Congo African Grey fighting The Confused..." So what does that mean? Simply put humans are confused and need training. Felix is out to provide that training. I have a category called Felix Greets. I make custom greeting cards featuring Felix. Easter is no exception. I am posting his most recent greeting card. There is still time to order. I am notorious for sending belated cards. Never too late. Please consider purchasing Felix's Easter card or any of his other cards. All proceeds from these sales in the month of April I will donate to Foster Parrots, Ltd. and The New England Exotic Wildlife.

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