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Happy Easter to everyone. It's a beautiful day here in the heartland. What a great day for a bar-b-que. For dinner I am making deviled eggs, slow cooked ribs, one of my favorite holiday vegetable dish which is green bean casserole. I haven't gotten any further than this is in planning my dinner. I'm thinking perhaps a pasta dish of some sorts. In any case this is a wonderful day to celebrate. The weather is just right. Unlike some of our recent days in which we actually experienced a small amount of snow this past week. Yup. That's right. Snow.

I am beginning to make new merchandise for the store. That has led me to make a huge sale on many items. Most everything is 40%. There is always free shipping. And if you are a first time customer I also offer 10% off your total using the code Spend30Get10! upon check out. Look for the tag in your shopping and enter the code there. Upon checking out I assure you the process is secure. I do not keep your personal information for use in spamming you. I use Square processing which means I never see your payment amount.

I am going to toot my own horn by giving myself kudos. What for you ask? Because of hand crafted special orders I pride myself on. I mostly make one of a kind greeting cards. But my specialty is not just limited to greeting cards. I have also created wood wall decorations for many of my customers. Shoot me off a message where we can work together to find the perfect gift for yourself or for a friend. Also be sure to check out my Custom Designs page for inspirational ideas.

Thanks for stopping by my store today. Please feel free to contact for any reason or questions you have. May is just around the corner which means Mother's Day will be here before we know it. Why not spoil your mom with a special, one-of-a-kind personalized greeting card or gift.

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