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Happy Friday

Happy Friday to all! It's been a busy week for me. I have been making greeting cards for a couple of parrot sanctuaries and the auction they hold to raise money for the birds. I enjoy making greeting cards for various reasons. Recently I released a new Felix Greets card for Father's Day. Felix is an extraordinary African Grey. He is very opinionated which can draw a lot of laughs. He's the kind of companion that makes a person feel good.

Last week Tuesday I lost my best friend Daisy. She was a beautiful St. Bernard. She was born with bilateral hip dysplasia. Originally when Daisy was just a pup the vet warned me she might live two months or two years before her hips give out for good. Daisy proved her wrong. People are shocked that she was 11 years old. Hip dysplasia is so true for the majority of giant dogs. I knew she was ready to cross to the Rainbow Bridge. It was a very difficult decision. In the long run I had to think of Daisy and her quality of life. I miss her so much. I know though that I will see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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