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Happy May Day!

What a great way to start the day. First day of May. May Day! This day brings back lots of memories. As a youngster we would pick fresh flowers from our garden. Tie them in a bunch with ribbon, write a brief note to take to the neighbors doors. We would hang them on the door handle, run to hide, then watch the neighbors open the door to a big surprise. They always knew it was us. We were the only family on the block growing peonies. Big. Beautiful. Peonies. It was fun.

I also remember as a child participating in decorating the May pole. Which was a tether ball pole. It was still fun. Fun because we got tangled easily. Fun because it was a really big thing to do with friends. I wonder if either of these fun, innocent things are being done today. Of course there is meaning in dancing around the May pole. It is believed the tradition started in Roman Britain about 2,000 years ago. The dance is to celebrate Spring with all it has to offer. Those childhood times were good times with good friends. That was only one chapter in my book of life. I have so many, many more of which I am truly thankful.

I am working on new designs for cards. I have two cartoon parrots and a new Felix Greets card. Also, I have several strands of precious stones and beads coming in from a mall store in Arizona. I will be making new necklaces, bracelets as well as earrings. Linnea will be adding to her collection as well which is Jewelry by Linnea. I am looking forward to receiving all the goodies.

Also arriving is a gorgeous hand spun sheep fleece art piece from an artist in Scotland. This is a beautiful piece of artwork. I am so excited to be receiving it. Was sent a message this morning my package is in Chicago. In comparison to it originating in Scotland, Chicago is just a skip and jump away. The artist name is Jill Harrison. If you get a chance to look her up on Facebook please do. Her work is absolutely amazing. I'll have more once it has arrived.

Take care everyone. Wishing you the best day possible. Happy May Day!!!

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