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Happy Mother's Day!

As this day winds down I want to make sure I wish all mothers out there a wonderful day. For all those spending the day without your mom I completely understand. This is the first Mother's Day I am without my mom. I lost her May 20 last year. On her birthday to be exact. Perhaps that's why I put off writing all day to wish each of you a very special day.

I enjoyed my day with my son and granddaughters. My son is a wonderful cook. Can't say the same about myself. I have finally admitted to myself that he learned to cook so well out of survival, ha! Our dinner was excellent. Mexican which is one of my very favorite foods. Carne asada, Mexican fried rice, yellow and red bell peppers fried along with mushrooms and low carb tortilla's.

My son and granddaughters gave me this amazing pop up card. I have been in love with Mickey Mouse for as long as I can remember. I also love pop up cards. They are fascinating to me. I don't make too many. As you can see from the web store here I don't have any for sale. They are fun to make yet also very time consuming. A lot of engineering, if you will, goes into making one.

For those of you who follow Felix Greets I do apologize for not having a Mother's Day Card. I have had health concerns and dealing with that instead of creating. Health takes priority of course for without it I cannot create. I will absolutely be making a Father's Day card. Writing that just now I thought, why not just go ahead and make a Mother's Day card. Something for me to think about more seriously. Stay tuned....

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