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Happy New Year 2021

Here we are on our way into the new year. Thank you 2020 for leaving us, finally. Welcome 2021. May you bring us everything 2020 did not.

This year I will be adding more greeting cards. New and exciting greeting cards. I have invested in rubber stamps, more dies for my die cutting machine, ink, markers and even a new die cutting machine. I was generously given the Tim Holtz Vagabond 2 Die Cutting Machine as a Christmas gift. What makes this machine much better than my older Cuttlebug is it is electric. Yeah! Lots less wear and tear on the old arm.

People like myself are using a stamping tool call the Misti. It's a pretty neat tool. I finally broke down and got one. How did I live without it? Yes, I did live without it, ha! But now I have a much better tool to work with. My Dad and Grandpa used to tell me all the time a person has to have good tools. So with the Vagabond and the Misti I feel I have the right tools to take my greeting cards to the next level.

Don't forget. I am also carrying FelixGreets cards. He is such a wonderful African Grey parrot with such an insight into life from a birds point of view. Each and every card will will have a portion donated to a parrot rescue and sanctuary. They need all the help they can get.

Which brings me to a point. I do hope you did not give a companion pet as a gift to someone without really thinking it through and discussing it with the recipient. So many animals end up in the world of rescues because the newness, the novelty of the companion pet runs out. A dog won't roll over on command. A bird won't perform a trick or talk immediately. Cats, well I'm not sure what cats do as I don't have one. You get my point....please never get a companion pet for someone without discussing all the pros as well as the cons.

With that I will say once again Happy New Year. I look forward to this new year. I hope you are as well!

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