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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring to everyone! Yes, I am a tad bit late in getting a Hello Spring! post up. Been busy making 100 special order Thank You cards. If you need special thank you cards, contact me. I can make about any design you want. I say about any only because I will need to work with you to get just the right design that fits your needs. My prices are reasonable. Much better than what you can purchase at a print store or even online. Mine are hand crafted. Not computer/machine generated. They are personalized. Something you may not be able to get easily these days. From my gross sales I donate to several parrot rescues and sanctuaries. Every little bit helps. We can work together on making unique cards your family/friends/customers will enjoy. My thoughts are people love to receive unique, personalized, one of a kind greeting card. They feel special. Give me a shout out for your custom thank you cards, birthday cards, graduation cards, wedding cards, invitations, etc.

We have mushy snow this morning. Mushy, very wet, now gone, Spring snow. Gone at least on the roads. Grass as well as everything else still covered with a tad bit. Not unusual for my area. Plus we can really use it. Need the moisture to hopefully not have a drought this summer. The farmers need it for the corn and soy bean crops.

Daisy, my companion St Bernard will celebrate 11 years on April 22. Just twenty days away. This is a remarkable feat for her. She was born with bilateral hip dysplasia. When I brought her home she was 3 months old. I took her to my vet for a chip and her first physical. Dr. Lori found then bilateral hip dysplasia. She cautioned me it might mean Daisy could have a very short life. Maybe 2 months to 2 years. Daisy has proven Dr. Lori and everyone else wrong. However she has been on joint medicine the last few years. She's doing remarkably well. I started her on dog CBD about 6 weeks ago. She is doing even better now. CBD works!

To everyone, enjoy Spring, Happy Easter and good health!

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