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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It's difficult for me this year. My Mom passed in May. On her birthday in fact. I am sad. I won't be able to call her to wish her Happy Thanksgiving. We won't be able to laugh at the mistakes I have made in preparing my own Thanksgiving feast for my family. We won't be able to share memories of years gone by. I can't call her for help if I start to mess something up. I truly miss my Mom.

I have been working hard the last several weeks. In fact I added 26 new items to the store. All are Decor and Christmas. Check them out. Most are 5x5 inches. They can be hung on a wall, a mantle or on the tree. They have been sealed with acrylic for years of enjoyment.

Greeting cards are items I am working on currently. They are more toward Spring decoration. Even though we have not gone through Winter yet, I am always working ahead. Remember my greeting cards can be framed for they truly are a piece of art.

Snowy Owl Emporium now offers gift cards. If you are shopping for family or friends and just not sure what to get them, consider a gift card. It's simple and they get exactly what they want. Just check out the home page, look at the bar across the top and click on Gift Cards. As with all my sales your transaction is secure.

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