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New Felix Greeting Card

I really enjoyed making the last Felix Christmas Greeting Card. This new one was even more enjoyable. Felix's favorite saying "Talk to the buttfeather" has always made me laugh. If you get the opportunity and are on Facebook be sure to search for Felix LaFollette. He has his own diary which he keeps updated daily. Sure to bring a smile on even the crankest of faces. I absolutely adore Felix. He has brought his hooman companion Kathy LaFollette into my life thus the new greeting card line called Felix Greets. We three are collaborating into next year, yes 2021 is just in 14 rapidly approaching days. We want to bring the laughter, the fun, the everything Felix to you. Felix I'm certain would love to overload the already overloaded USPS system with his amusing and talented greeting cards. They are perfect for framing. Lots of encouragement as we have now gone International. Thank you Fe for getting us to the UK!

If you, your family, your friends, your everyone, would like to have their own custom made greeting cards please contact me via the Get in Touch form found at the bottom of the pages within my site. I would love to design something special just for you!

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