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New Felix Valentine greeting card

I have created another Felix LaFollett greeting card. This one is for Valentine's Day. Rather than be his Valentine he wants you to be his Trainee. Adorable.

For those of you who do not know Felix let me introduce you to him. Felix is his own bird as the saying goes. He sees the world in a whole new view than what we do. He believes everyone is confused and can only become unconfused by your Trainee, which is your parrot. He is as sassy as he is adorable. Felix even has his own book. It's called "Directions For the Confused. How to Think Like a Parrot". Now you may think you don't want to think like a parrot. That shows just how confused you really are. Felix's book gives specific guidelines on how to be the best Trainee your parrot can have.

So in celebration of Valentine's Day I offer you the Felix Valentine greeting card.

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