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St. Patrick's Day with Felix

I have made a super duper St. Patrick's Day greeting card with Felix. I realize this is the 8th of the month already with St. Patrick's Day only 9 days away. However, that is still time to order Felix's new greeting card. I can mail it to a recipient of your choosing. What I will do is take what you would like written inside on the blank decorative cut green paper. I will use a decorative font to enhance the card. All for no additional cost. This will enable you to get your Felix card to your recipient on time. Alsotoo (Felix lingo) you have time to purchase one for yourself.

Felix's card measure's 5" x 7" inches. Included is an envelope. The inside of the card has decorative cut green paper for you to write your personal message. There is a red butt feather representative of Felix's red butt feathers. Use this for greYt strength. Something we can all use. This card is 3D. The rainbow ends at a pot of pistachio's instead of coins. Felix says pistachios are a zillion times better than coins. Pistachios are for his snack attacks. They are also good for you. Unsalted of course. Alsotoo remember the sale of every Felix Greets cards I make a percentage is donated to The Oasis Parrot Sanctuary. A place that one day I hope to have my birds call home once I am gone.

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