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Welcome 2022!

Welcome 2022! As I sit here listening to Pink Floyd I have been reflecting on the last two years. We have all either lost someone or know someone who lost someone. How can any person not be affected by the events of 2020 and 2021. Since 2018 I have lost one family member each year. And then to end 2021 we all lost an amazing woman. Betty White. An icon, an activist for animals, actress, comedian and oh so much more. I greatly admired Ms. White. I especially liked her view on people by declaring publicly she likes animals better than people. Her laughter, her positive thoughts, just being herself. She will be missed greatly. My hopes and prayers are there will not be another family member loss in 2022. This is the year that makes a turn around. I will do my best to keep those positive thoughts.

I am working on adding new jewelry pieces made by my oldest granddaughter. Linnea has put a lot of time into each piece. They are her designs. They express who she is. Unique. Creative. Artist. Take a look. Her creations appeal to those of all ages. The prices are reasonable. There is always free shipping on most products here in the store. The Snowy Savings of buy $30 get 10% off is also offered. She keeps all profits. Her goal is to attend higher education of some sorts. This is what she is saving her money for. One piece of jewelry at a time. You will find her specific pieces in the collection called Jewelry by Linnea. Also among other areas throughout the store.

My wish for all of us is to prosper in all we do in 2022. Let's not allow 2020 and 2021 define who we are. There are lots of changes we all will have to make. There will be sacrifices. We must work together to help our planet begin to recover from the past now that we know better. I believe we have to stop being judgmental of others. I hold the belief that when you point one finger at someone else you have four pointing back at yourself. If we all work on ourselves we can all help others. Blessings!

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